Monday, July 11, 2016

Jon DeMartin workshop highlights

by Wendy Wagner,
Level Four student

Recently, 16 artists came together for a Figure Drawing workshop with New York artist Jon deMartin.

Jon was a beloved instructor at Studio Incamminati, so I had heard many good things about his class. He did not disappoint.

On day one, we started with short poses: one, five, then 20 minutes, working up to a single pose for the afternoon. Jon graciously answered questions during the breaks, and used various visual examples, and explained materials.

Day two included a demo with the figure in the morning, and we started a new afternoon pose. Please excuse the quality~ I hastily took the pics with my iPhone.
Day 2 demo, taken with iphone
Day three included a morning of short poses, with shorter demos from Jon, including a quick portrait, and one with the model in various difficult gestures. In the afternoon, we continued on the drawing started the previous afternoon.
Short demo on the head in perspective
Many people felt the workshop was not long enough, and I agree.

Interested in a workshop with Jon this summer? Visit his website to see if he has one near you.

Students brought their copies of his book, Drawing Atelier - The Figure: How to Draw in a Classical Style,for him to sign. It's available at

Like many artists, I get books that are highly recommended, and don't have the time to read them. Why? Too many words, and not enough pictures! Jon's book is easy to read, explains the information clearly, and has nice visual examples. It is definitely worth the investment. I can say this because, yes,  I did read it. ;)


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