Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Focus: Level Three

by Wendy Wagner
Level Three student

Somehow, we are in the last stretch of our year. I'm not sure where the time went, but as Level Three  students, we are in our last mentorship cycle.

I asked my fellow classmates to share with me one piece from "the year in mentorship."
It could be the Philadelphia Museum of Art master copy, a Nelson Shanks master copy, or a still life, which was painted alongside a teacher or fellow in their studio.

Take a look at what we have been doing.

Angelique Benrahou: "Bacchanalia Hangover" 24 x 20" Oil on canvas
by Angelique Benrahou
David Clark: "Untitled_1" Oil on canvas
by David Clark
Linda Dennin: Philadelphia Museum of Art Master copy of Rembrandt's "Head of Christ" 12 x 16" Oil on panel
copy by Linda Dennin
Jason Jenkins: "Black, White and Copper" 16 x 12" Oil on canvas
by Jason Jenkins
Anna Sang Justice: "Radish" 13 x 12" Oil on canvas
by Anna Sang Justice
Lynn Snyder: "The Age of Innocence" 16 x 24" Oil on linen panel
Here is a link to Lynn's blog discussing this painting:
by Lynn Snyder
Michela Mansuino: "Copy of Nelson's Painting" 18 x 24", oil on canvas
You can find more about Michela's work at
Nelson Shanks copy by Michela Mansuino
Kathleen Moore: "Encouragement and Reward" Oil on canvas
by Kathleen Moore
Tom Plassa: "Byron, Lord Hoppenstance" 11 x 14" Oil on canvas
by Tom Plassa
Wendy Wagner: "Child Christ in Blue" 16 x 20" Oil on linen
by Wendy Wagner

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