Monday, March 28, 2016

The Women of Studio Incamminati

by Wendy Wagner
Level Three student

March has been Women's History month. In light of this, I thought I would highlight the women of Incamminati.

As a female, I look up to the instructors as examples of where my own career can go. I asked some of them about the women to whom they look for inspiration.
I did not give parameters, because, as you know, inspiration can come from anywhere - from someone's work, words, or examples. It does not mean one who paints as you do. And, of course, your taste may change with whatever phase you are in at the time.

Instructor Lea Colie Wight listed women such as Rosa Bonheur, and generally all the work by Helene Schjerfbeck, contemporary painters Kouta Sasai, and our own Jafang Lu. She added Cecelia Beaux, and Mary Cassatt from her earlier days.
To view Lea's work, go to
Examples of Lea's Inspiration
Instructor Robin Frey cited Florida artist Nike Parton, who taught her the importance of painting every day and following your heart.
Her website is:

Fellow, and recent SI grad Shira Friedman mentioned influences such as Cecelia Beaux, Kathe Kollwitz, Elizabeth Eakins, Mary Cassatt and Minerva Chapman.
To view Shira's work, go to:
Examples of Shira's Inspiration
Instructor Natalie Italiano mentioned that early on Cecelia Beaux was an inspiration, but currently she is enjoying the work of Margaret Bowland.
Natalie's page is

To learn about the work of our other female instructors and fellows, click on the links below.

Instructor Alisyn Blake
Instructor Katya Held
School co-founder/Instructor Leona Shanks:

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