Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A demo duo . . .

by Wendy Wagner
Third-year Student

. . .or is it a dual demo?

Either way, workshop students and outsiders came together recently to watch a three-hour demo by artists / teachers Kerry Dunn and Darren Kingsley, as part of Kerry's Advanced Portrait Painting workshop.
Darren Kingsley (left) and Kerry Dunn (right)
 In speaking with the workshop participants (sadly, I was not one), people were excited by how the week was progressing.  In the event that you could not attend, I took photographs of each pose.

Kerry's evolution over the evening
Darren's start to finish
Keep in mind that these were only taken with my phone, so lighting depended on where I happened to be standing at the time. Kerry is a tall guy, so my angles varied,  as his easel was so high.

This school year I will continue to blog about my exploits as a third-year student. Please stay tuned.

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