Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Form Painting Workshop with Darren and Steve

by Wendy Wagner
Third-year Student

From Brazil to California, artists from all over came to study with Steve Early and Darren Kingsley at their popular Form Painting workshop.

It is basically a year of our Level Two class condensed into one week. We started with gestures + block-in's, before moving into a four-day pose. Darren and Steve would demo in the morning  and we would paint when they finished.
gestures and block-in's
There isn't nearly enough space to abbreviate all of the information given (you will have to take it for yourself sometime), but here is a visual synopsis.

Steve talking to students about his work
Darren explaining his process to a student
 Keep in mind that these photos were taken quickly with an iPhone. During model breaks, students would ask questions, and there would be a line for pictures. This is the last workshop for Steve as a regular instructor here, as he is moving to California. However, he has been named Instructor Emeritus and will continue to have input into the curriculum and teach workshops.
Not a lot of paint to make the magic
Steve giving a critique
Darren photobombing his painting
See- it wasn't all work! In the end, we had a blast, learned a lot, and met some new friends. Here are the stages of their work. Steve used black and white, while Darren went for limited color.
They make it look so easy!
Darren's progress
Darren Kingsley
Steve's progress
Steve Early


  1. Very informative. Thanks for sharing this event.

  2. It was a pleasure to take this workshop with you guys! Awesome experience. Greetings from Brazil!