Friday, July 17, 2015

Step by Step - a group demo

by Wendy Wagner
Third Year Student

While it may be summer break for the students in the school-year Advanced Fine Art Program, at Studio Incamminati it is workshop season. A popular workshop is a two-week intensive that takes you through the steps of our whole program realfast.

Week one of this year's intensive is taught by school Teaching Fellow Natalie Italiano. One evening, a group of instructors and alumni assembled for a three-hour group demo. During this exercise, all work from same model but each approaches the painting in his or her own way.

I took photos of each step, and everyone graciously allowed me to share these. Keep in mind, they were taken with my phone, so the photo quality is not the best. However, I'm sure you will still enjoy them. Week two of the intensive starts Monday. I hope to see you there.

Barbara Zanelli
Natalie Italiano
Lea Colie Wight
Peter Kelsey
Shira Friedman
Joe Dolderer

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