Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Intensive Figure Painting Workshop with JaFang Lu

By Lynn Snyder
Third-year Student

Week two of the Intensive workshop was taught by instructor JaFang Lu. It highlighted the fundamental skills taught in the four-year curriculum of the Advanced Fine Art Program.

Class began with a demo showing the linear stage of the painting process using the envelope method. This is an outside guide for forming the outer shapes, major thrust of the head, rib cage, hips and legs. Shadow shapes are added to further articulate the form by squinting and keeping the shapes simple. The tone of the canvas represents the light mass in the painting called open grisaille. The students did several poses incorporating these concepts into the beginning stages of the painting.

10-Minute Demo

Building on the previous step, a limited palette was used to mix a warm flesh tone to represent the middle tones of the light. JaFang mixed a dark light value to cover the gray tone in the light areas. A dark accent and highlight were established to obtain the value range.  

  20-Minute Demo

The next two demos showed how to use the thickness of the paint and white to get deeper values for a broader value range.

40-Minute Demo

40-Minute Demo

After two days of using a limited palette, JaFang introduced color to the figure. The first pass of color is the intuitive choice based on the one that's easiest to see in the light, moving on to the easiest to see in the shadow.  

20-Minute Demo

JaFang painted alongside of us for the longer pose. As she went through each stage of the painting, she'd announce she was moving forward and we were able to watch as needed. Some students watched while others painted along. It was amazing to see her get so far in the painting with a clear effect of light in such a short time. We all came away with a working approach to building a painting. Great experience!  

60-Minute Demo

Student Work

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