Friday, May 29, 2015

Form Painting with Steve Early and Darren Kingsley

By Lynn Snyder
Level Two Student

Over the course of several weeks, Darren and Steve demoed black-and-white figure painting. These photos show how the figure evolved over that time.  

The method is a process of seeing.  Seeing the early information intuitively, then looking for what you know, followed by seeing the subtle changes that need to occur based on what you know about the behavior of light.  We are learning to paint the light effects as a result of the space displaced by the model and the model acting as a light source interacting with the local color.  

Everything is form based, always creating volume with regard to form and anatomy.  The goal of the demo was to use the full value range while calibrating those values more effectively and looking for a greater level of accuracy.  To turn form, it's necessary to paint the small facets of value in compressed areas.  

Our class enjoyed the demo as well as teachers and students from other levels who watched.  

Darren's Demo

Steve's Demo

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