Friday, May 1, 2015

Chad Fisher's ecorche workshop

by Chris Brizzard
Level One student

During spring break, I had the chance to take Chad Fisher’s ecorche workshop. This was a wonderful introduction to sculpting the figure, as so many of the structural aspects of the figure that I have been curious about became real, three -dimensional forms. Over the course of the week, we built 36-inch tall figures, starting from a basic wire armature.

Chad Fisher building his figure

The basic forms of the figure

One thing Chad stressed continually throughout the week was the idea of anatomical rhythms and how they flow through the figure. Edouard Lanteri’s Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure is one of the few books to address this idea, and it is paramount to giving forms life and vitality. As Lanteri said, “You might trace such lines ad infinitum. I only mention a few, feeling certain that, if a student has once grasped this principle, s/he will find many others by him/herself.”

Lanteri rhythms

More Lanteri rhythms

Another idea Chad introduced was that of radiating lines and how they can be used to control forms. This is similar to using vanishing points in perspective drawing.

Example of how radiating lines control the form

This workshop was invaluable because sculpting the forms with your bare hands has a tactile quality that can’t be replicated on a two-dimensional surface. It also raised my awareness of forms on the figure because no amount of looking at a 2-D drawing of an anatomical form can compare with actually making it in three-dimensional space. One idea that came to mind during the course of the week was how much this workshop fits into what we learn at Studio Incamminati because when you look at the figure (or any subject matter) PLANE CHANGE = VALUE CHANGE = COLOR CHANGE.  I would like to take this workshop again so that I can start sculpting on my own to further enhance my drawing and painting skills.

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