Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another day in the life...

of a Level Two student.

By Wendy Wagner

Continuing from my previous post, I invite you to follow my Tuesday as a Level Two student in the Professional program.

The first snowfall of the year greets us as we arrive.
With two weeks left in the fall semester, we are finishing our class, Drawing the Figure in Graphite. After a year of charcoal with Level One, we graduated to graphite. The class was broken into two long poses, about eight  weeks long, with a few shorter poses in the beginning of the year. Our instructor is Robin Frey.
Library w/painting by Nelson Shanks

9 am: Before jumping into the pose, we head to the library to show our weekly sketches. Robin has us draw from life on our own, and also copy from various books over the semester. For the past few weeks we have had to copy from Anthony Ryder's figure drawing book. 

Coffee provided by the school daily
This is to reinforce the habit of daily drawing and it's one of the things I enjoy about the class.

Coffee (and tea) is provided to the students by the school, so we fill up our cups and meet to show our weekly sketches.

It's also interesting to see the personality of each artist emerge from their sketches. Some chose to do quick sketches, while others prefer longer master copies. Robin is very open about what we do, as long as we draw, draw, draw.

Here are some examples from sketchbooks:
Examples from our weekly sketches.
9:45 am We then move on to continue working on our longer pose. This is week seven of an eight-week effort. At this point, we should have the full value range, calibrating off the lightest light and darkest dark. Others are developing the lights with a hard pencil.

Did we capture the light effect? If the light on the shoulder is the same as the light on the knee, there is a problem.
Michela, working during the break
Noon: Lunch. Time to head to the kitchen with the other levels.

12:45. And we're back, continuing to assess which areas need attention, standing back, getting feedback. Here are snippets of some work.
Parts in progress

Level One artwork
During model breaks, I like to look at the artwork on the walls. Studio "A" has charcoal drawings from Level One. I remember those days!

As our instructor, Robin put it, It's not just about it copying, it's about interpreting. You have to build an understanding about what you are drawing.

The group got together for a photo:
3:45 Time to put it away for one more week!

Until next time,

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