Monday, April 14, 2014

Open House Spring 2014 Demos

Hi Again,
Recently, Studio Incamminati had is annual open house. During the open house the facilities are open to the public, tours are given and questions are answered. It is a great time to meet with the community and potential future students, and satisfy any curiosity about the school and the program, and to get a look at the studios and student and faculty work.
We also had guests from New Wave Art, Strathmore, Gamblin, and Silver Brush, sharing information about their wares and generously distributing samples. Coffee, and remarkably good cookies amongst other fare was provided, and stimulating conversation abounded.
Center stage however was held by faculty, alumni, and student demonstrations from the live model. One of the precepts at Studio incamminati is, in order to learn, it is often optimal to ioslate one skill in an exercise, and in isolation push it, even to the neglect of other skills, to the brink of its breaking point (and possibly beyond), in the service of learning its limits and its capabilities. Then in can be reintegrated with other the other skills and employed with greater knowledge, assurance, authority, and proficiency. In a manner of speaking, that is the difference between study and performance, and as Henry Hensche said, "we must have both." In the demonstrations at the open house, each artist took one skill each , and demonstrated them as the school teaches them in exercises.
Duotone by Sakiko Shinkai

Duotone by Stephen Early

Color Study by Joseph Dolderer

Charcoal by Josh Breslin

Portraiture by Katya Held

Color Study by Leona Shanks

Grisaille by Rob Goodman

Charcoal by Peter Kelsey
The open house was a good experience for all, and the demos were an enlightening experience for me as a first year student. I highly encourage prospective students, artists and art lovers, and the community at large, to come by next time, and see what we are all about. Perhaps we'll see some of you there next year.
Thats it for now,
Jason P. Jenkins

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  1. Can you explain what duotone is exactly? Thank you for sharing these demos with us.