Thursday, April 10, 2014

Level One played a prank on our beloved instructors Natalie Italiano and Joe Dolderer.

For the last seven weeks we have had an assignment to copy a master painting in the grisaille technique, that is to paint the values in a reduced scale of five tones.  Usually we use burnt sienna and ultramarine blue and a number 4 Silver bristle filbert on a toned canvas or canvas paper.

As usual we hung our homework up on the board and gathered around to see each other's efforts and critique the work.  We especially enjoyed our instructors reactions....
to Picasso.

 To copy Picasso's self portrait was revealing in that it was so blatantly primitive.  There were no real values to speak of and the flatness of the picture plane was painfully boring to us after having drawn from the model every day seven hours a day for the last nine months.  It takes years of practice to learn how to see and draw accurately.

  Antonio Mancini 1852 - 1930, Italian
We studied Mancini's realist subject matter and dark palette, we learned a lot about painting the mouth by copying this painting. 

And we didn't get in trouble at all.


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