Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYC and Some Recent Reading

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are doing well, and enjoying lengthening days.
If you have the opportunity to get to NYC between now and April, you should get to the Met. That is how long Bouguereaus's Nymphs and Satyr (seen above) will be there on loan from the Clark Art Institute (which is undergoing renovations). I managed to go see it a couple of weeks ago (I actually got to the Empire State building, Grand Central Station, Times Square, The Frick and The MET all in one day. My first time in NYC, and a whirlwind of surgical proportions I assure you), and was in awe before it. Not to mention all the other spectacular works whose company it is currently in.
Otherwise, I thought I'd share a few interesting articles I've read recently.
Firstly a couple of pieces that I thought were steeped in a bit more gravitas.
Today I came upon this piece by Roger Scruton, (who I first discovered in his documantary, "Why Beauty Matters" and who is a Keynote Speaker at TRAC2014). Not everyone is in agreement with Mr. Scruton's work, and I've heard him come under critical fire, but I am a fan.
I also recently read this Keynote address given by Fred Ross of the Art Renewal Center, at the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, where our very own Nelson Shanks was being honored.
This piece from Brandon Kralik over at The Huffington Post also caught my interest.
On a lighter note, not that long ago I found this gem. And a few days ago, I found this one. I think it was shared on the Atelier Movement Group on facebook, but don't quote me on that.
In other news, I hope you all got your submissions sent in for the Portrait Society of America's International Competition. The deadline was on March 4th and sent mine in just in time. As you all know Kerry Dunn won last years with his piece "Toto and I", and I'm looking forward to see what dazzling pieces are chosen by the judges this year.
Well, thats it for now. I'll leave you with Kerry's prize winning piece.
Till next time,
Jason P. Jenkins

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