Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dan Thompson: Composition and Light Key Figure Painting

Dan Thompson: Composition and Light Key Figure Painting

Since my last update, Level II and III students started a new semester with Dan Thompson, "Composition and Light Key Figure Painting." Dan gave a very informative lecture this morning on Edgar Payne and Henry Poore's ideas and writings on composition and design. In the afternoon, we had the atypical and fun pleasure of having two set-ups to paint from, both multi-figure compositions. Each model stand had extensive drapery and props for us to work with, giving us the opportunity in  graphite, charcoal, or oil paint, to create a balanced and compelling composition. Do you do any preparatory studies for compositions such as these? Let us know

Happy painting,
-Alexander Soukas
Christopher Nixon
Alexander Soukas (value study and "notan" study) 
Nell O'Leary
Daryl Burkhard
Barbara Zanelli
Lis Dembling
Shira Friedman
Mitsuno Reedy
Dian Paramita
Jared Fisher
Hayley Owens

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