Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Structural Drawing with Dan Thompson

Hello to all our subscribers! I'm Alexander Soukas, currently a level 2 student in the full time professional program here at Studio Incamminati. Alongside other students in the program, I will be updating you weekly on classes, events, and other happenings here at our school: every wednesday, I will be chronicling level 2's adventures in Structural Drawing of the figure. After half a semester of anatomical and planar sculpture, we have entered the life room to examine the long pose.

Last week, our fearless leader Dan Thompson guided us through the concepts and techniques of working through and interpreting the integral start of the drawing. Dan stressed the importance of staying open and designing the drawing with the use of the background and other elements as you compose the figure as a coherent whole. Dan also laid out several of his concepts for helping to "map" out the drawing, all pertaining to shape and proportion. Although anatomy and structural integrity are the cornerstone of this class, he told us to be wary of introducing that filter too early, "Don't get too human, too quickly."
(Dan Thompson demonstrating) 

(Dan Thompson's result from the morning demo) 

 With the addition of a simple shadow value, darkest dark, and average light tone, Dan demonstrated the beginning of setting up the value hierarchy in the drawing, continuing to draw and refine shapes as he went. Due to the large class size, we had two models, each with their own respective set-up. Due to travel plans for thanksgiving, I didn't manage to snap a picture of everyone's work - my apologies! More pictures to come this week of our progress. Below are student examples:

(the army of heads from previous weeks, standing before the clay eyes of Dan's Demo!) 

What are your strategies for planning out a long pose? Start the conversation! 

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