Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Introduction and a Beginning

Hello all,
I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whichever other way you choose to express well wishing at this time of year.
My name is Jason Patrick Jenkins and I am a new member of Studio Incamminati's blogging team. I am very excited to be here, both as a blogger and as a member of Studio Incamminati, where I am training in the full-time professional program.
First let me tell you a little about myself.  As a blogger, I don't tend to write articles rife with insight and profundity. However, I am an avid repurposer and sharer of hidden gems, pearls of wisdom, kernels of truth, and such, composed by other people. This may actually be the most verbose you'll ever see me, but I intend to re-post to the blog with regularity.
That being said, lets begin...

First, over the holidays, I stumbled upon a video demonstration by David Gray. Its always good to see how other artists work, and I have been following David's work for several years now. I adore his Still lifes (yes that is grammatically correct) and he does beautiful drapery and figures. I have heard many speak of how they see Vermeer in his work (and often count myself among them),  but I believe he has said his primary influence is Ingres.
Either way, check out his website here and his blog (complete with tips, techniques, and demos) here.
Also, on the topic of drapery, Stephen Early suggested to me a few weeks ago that I take a look at Da Vinci's drapery studies, as reference material for a piece of my own that I have been working on. Well, after a little google time, I actually found them all in one place, on Jeffrey Hayes' blog. I haven't been following Jeffrey's work for  long time, but I am certainly keen to see more. You can check out the Da Vinci drapery study post here and the rest of his blog here.

Finally and I'll call this it for now, Graydon Parrish recently started a new group on facebook, called the Atelier Exchange. According to Graydon:
"This group is for people who want to buy, sell and trade drawings, paintings and sculpture studies made at the various worldwide ateliers, by atelier instructors and talented friends. Works will only be slightly vetted to maintain a standard. Try to post things you are proud of, and only post one or two works at a time, so that the images are larger. Links to exhibitions are appreciated. The Atelier Exchange takes no commission and all sales are the responsibility of the artist and buyer."

I quite frankly love the idea. Especially the vetting aspect, as I have always been an advocate of the idea that a little critical feedback is good for "the industry/tradition" with regard to maintaining standards, and for individual artists and their practices, as it provides a means to gauge ones progress and continually drive one to achieve greater heights.

Check out the Atelier Exchange here, and please do let us know what you think of it. The display and sale of studies? The vetting of content? the use of social media to connect artists and buyers? Leave your thoughts in the comments. We look forward to hearing them.

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