Friday, August 2, 2013

Putting art school in perspective?

Artist Lori Woodward - via Artist - re-ignites the debate about the value of art education:

"The truth is, I learned very little of what I now know while at college. My professors did not understand or teach the basic academic principles of light, color, drawing, or edges. In one of my figure-drawing classes, I was chastised for actually drawing the model.

 Apparently, I would have gotten a better grade if I had translated the model's image into an unrecognizable abstract design. In one semester-long class, the only student who walked away with an A on her report card drew two little square boxes on a huge sheet of newsprint—I could understand this if she had drawn boxes that somehow related to the figure, but they were just a couple of poorly drawn squares."

She emphasizes she's not out to "put down the education system but to highlight the fact that we artists have opportunities to get an art education as we have never had before."

See what you think.

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