Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Year of the Woman

The Artist's House Gallery's current exhibit features artwork of women by women artists.  Lea Colie Wight and JaFang Lu are both Studio Incamminati alumni and two of their finest teachers, and are featured in this exhibit which is currently running through April 28th.  First Friday is upon us, so be sure to stop in to view their work along with many others; it looks like a big show with many excellent works!  Friday can't come soon enough; see you there!

Year of the Woman Exhibit at Artist's House

Lea Colie Wight

JaFang Lu

This is one of JaFang's portraits that will be at the show.  I've always been a fan of this painting ever since I saw her paint it a few years back.  Great knit hat.
This drawing is by JaFang, but will not be included at Artist's House.  I included it because of how successful JaFang is with capturing the texture of the sun-aging skin and the simple shadow shapes.

This might be the first painting I ever saw of Lea's.  I've always loved it.  Great composition and pleasing harmonious colors.
One of my favorites from Lea!  The light pouring through the green window cascading onto the boats is hauntingly beautiful.

This painting by Lea is at the show...I love the story Lea is telling with this one.  The crossed arms fits right in with the pho hawk and leather jacket.  Rock and roll!

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