Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Demo at the National Art Club

This past Friday, I participated in a group demonstration for Studio Incamminati at the National Art's Club in NYC. This demo was part of the show "The Artists of Studio Incamminati Exhibit" by the Founders, Instructors and Alumni. I joined instructors Leona Shanks, Lea Wight, Alisyn Blake, Peter Kelsey and Joe Dolderer. Leona and Joe demoed a color study approach, while Lea and Peter painted the model in full color. Alisyn demonstrated charcoal first and open grissaile second. I demonstrated 'duo tone' or closed grissaile. A good number of people braved the wet and cold weather, contributing to an interactive discussion between the audience and the demonstrating artists.  To our luck, we had a wonderful model, who sat so still it was like painting a still life.  Great painting with great artists and friends!

Some of the art
That's my pumkin
"Let's grab a seat"
The guys starting out their portraits
Leona blocking-in her grisaille for wonderful colors soon to come
Look at them knock out the early stages!
Lea and Alisyn's awesome paintings
Joe's, Peter's and Jason's paintings with Leona cleaning her palatte
Under watchful guise
Shot of the artists with Nelson after the finish.  Let's grab some drinks!

Here's a link for The Epoch Times' coverage of the event: click here

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