Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Workshops January 2013

Stephen Early
Looking for a good still life or figure workshop?  Let me recommend three excellent ones coming next month hosted at Studio Incamminati.  Steve Early and Darren Kingsley will co-instruct 'Form Painting with the Figure' and JaFang Lu will teach 'Color and Form: Still Life' both January 21st-25th.  If you aren't free during the week, yet still crave a workshop Daniel Sprick will instruct 'Drawing and Painting' the 26th and 27th.

I've taken both Steve/Darren's and JaFang's workshops and they are chalked full of applicable knowledge.  All three clearly teach the concepts first with instructor demonstrations.  I know if you have seen any of the instructors paint you leave as inspired as I do.  Then they will personally instruct you at your easel meeting you at your skill level and guide you to clearer understanding.  From the form painting workshop I remember focusing on arranging flat shapes of value into a three dimensional illusion of cascading light over the human form.  In JaFang's class, she mainly taught me how to see color relationships.  "'Is it lighter or darker?' and 'Is it cooler or warmer?'", are two questions I still ask myself when it comes to color.  This year I'm thrilled to monitor Daniel Sprick's workshop.  How does drawing and painting inform and relate to another?  I can't wait to find out!

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Daniel Sprick

JaFang Lu

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