Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome Back!!!

The International Portrait Society Conference and Competition is about to land in Philadelphia......and so is Snehal (Snae-hal) Page (Pah-gee)! She received a Certificate of Excellence for her painting, “Voluntary Simplicity”.

Snehal grew up in Puni, India and came to Incamminati about 2 ½-3 years ago. She told me once that the first thing that she learned here at Inc. was…h u m i l i t y.  A wonderful way to start her schooling here, and her career.

Humility...hmmm....makes me think of the other Incamminatite that got in to the PSOA competition....Stephen (Steve) Early......with his portrait "I Wanna Be Adored"....Interesting commentary on humility as well....

Interesting topic here.....just now seeing the parallel of the two paintings....must be the energy drink that I am imbibing...

Reminds me of one of the first few weeks when we were just starting out here at school in 2002.  The class, which included Kerry Dunn, Natalie Italiano, Steve (Stephen) Early, and myself, were all drawing in charcoal, in the classroom that later got dubbed "The Den".  A friend of Nelson's telephoned in on the front desk landline (!), where he picked up.  Quite obviously, because of how he answered, the person must have asked how it was going, because this is how Nelson responded to the question: "They're (us) getting humble."

Then there is the opposite.....humiliation....a few of us (!) used to hide in the back hallway, whenever N. came into the classroom for his regular drive-by crits....took me years at Incamminati to really get some authentic confidence and "braveurism*".  Jon de Martin once told me that you get real confidence in oneself when you start having consistent successes.

Got humility?  Ya gotta have it!

*Madame Morrible from the Broadway musical, "....., never mind, if you don't have a clue who that is, then just google it!  I'm supposed to be blogging about painting....not art!!??!!  (real-leee???)

Gotta get house is a mess, and Snehal is staying here!

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