Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!!!!!!

"Sometimes I'm working on a film and someone will ask me if I'm having fun. And I'm tempted to tell them the truth: No, absolutely not. Having no fun here at all. You know what's going to be fun? When it's done, and I've done a fuckin' good job, and I know people are getting something out of that. I'll have a lot of fun then. A ton of it."
-Philip Seymour Hoffman

I love this guy.....he is so-ooo-oo honest! I have been inconsistent keeping up with this blog because I was going through a rough patch with painting and didn't want people to know (there, I feel better!), and I have a difficult time keeping my "stuff" to's a total sin if you admit that sometimes painting is not always fun, right? Sometimes it just adds up to work that has to get done, it's not always la-la-la I'm having such a pleasant

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."
- Emile Zola (1840-1902)

And I quote from one of our own:
"Just pick up the brush, and start painting"
-Kerry Dunn

It can be a catch-22 situation is work, and you gotta do it, and force yourself sometimes, but it can be really hard to keep working when all of a sudden out of the blue.....not fun. making it fun, or allowing it to be fun is what keeps you going....(or should be) It totally sucks when you are not having a good time, you kind of have to re-invent painting for yourself, or go read something that helps pull you out of it. I like to read (over and over!) the chapter titled "The Painting of A Still-Life" by Henry Hensche. It takes me back to the basics of painting, and some of the things that I love about painting.

There's something that Nelson has said: "Let it be fun"......key word....let(allow...permit)... don't fight is hard work to excel at anything....

If you have anything that helps you put the fun back into your painting.......and puh-leeeze, don't judge me for admitting that sometimes it ain't FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aghhh!!! What a scary thing to make public!!!!

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  1. I just talked to a very talented and successful artist who said that he had a whole year where he did not paint. Even though painting is an obsession for me I often experience frustration and even long stretches where I am mulling over what to do rather than doing it.