Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paintings fron top counter-clockwise: Peter Kelsey, Katya Held, Rob Goodman

Well, here we are, in the fall of 2011, already into the second month of the school year. Three new Fellowships were awarded this past summer to Peter Kelsey, Rob Goodman, and Katya Held, all of whom completed four years of study here. Peter has started teaching level one at Incamminati, and is very fervent in his still-life class to take one’s time with the big shapes, that is, the blocking in of the masses of shadow and light. Rob and Katya will be teaching a 28-week drawing class that will include still-life, figure, and portrait at the Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey. Both Rob and Peter have studios on the premises of the school. Peter has started some still-life paintings, as well as painting the figure model in various classes.

All three of them are happy to be with us again this year, and they are each asset to our school. We are thrilled to have them!

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