Sunday, August 15, 2010

Form Painting with Steve Early and Darren Kingsley - week two

Here are some images from the second session (week 2) of the Form Painting Workshop at Studio incamminati. Students worked on two figure studies during the week; one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Instructor Darren Kingsley (right) assisting a student.

Instructor Stephen Early assisting a student with her painting.

To see more of the instructors work, please visit their web sites,,

"Terrill" by Darren Kingsley

"Emma" by Steve Early


  1. Great that you included Terrill and Emma. Allows us to see where this all goes.

  2. And these studies are just the beginning. Steve did a presentation at Studio Incamminati this week with Lea Wight, "Finding Your Voice and Creative Intention". He brought some of his beautiful figure paintings of a model named Molly, a mime, applying her makeup, and he gave a really informative and inspiring power point presentation showing how he uses these figure studies to develop larger paintings and projects, some of which are still "under wraps". Stay tuned. His work can be seen at