Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Intensive Workshop- Day 3

Closed Grisaille

Steve and Lea demonstrate beginning with the grisaille.

Steve mixed a color for the lights and began by painting a uniform low value in the light mass.

Lea is applying a second pass of a lighter value, beginning to develop the form. For this exercise, she began by mixing three puddles of paint for three values in the lights.

The finished demos.


  1. Thanks for posting these photographs - they've been very insightful into the painting process. It's especially interesting to see the different personal differences among the two instructors despite the same approach and methodology. I'm supposed to be at the studio the 2nd-6 th for the same workshop. I look forward to meeting and learning from you all!
    -Alex Soukas

  2. Hey Alex,
    We try to have more that one instructor demo because everyone interprets the same information differently, and puts an individual stamp on it. We encourage students to try to see the principles underlying what the instructors are demoing. We offer suggested procedures, but I would say that the approach we teach is principle driven, and not everyone here does anything the exact same way. This produces a lot of variation ( I think), and makes it really interesting and creates a very stimulating environment. Nelson said that he didn't want to produce "cookie cutter" artists, and doesn't teach a prescribed method or finish.

  3. Thanks for the response Natalie, Ihope you didn't take what I said as derogative - on the contrary I completely agree with you! In fact that's what I was trying to say I found so fascinating about seeing both teachers demo: the principles and objectives remain the same, but their paintings retain their own voice and character. Steve for example has a very different style of applying paint then Lea. It's such an advantage to teach this way because by having two different demonstrators , one sees the principles that remain the same despite stylistic differences. Having a locked-in-stone method would be awful! Great to see the different interpretations of Nelson's teachings.


  4. Hey - Yes, I understood what you meant. We are on the same page....or is it screen? See you soon when you are here in Philly!