Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Intensive Painting Workshop- Day 1

Figure gestures - Grisaille

This week we began our two week summer Intensive Workshop at Studio Incamminati. This workshop, offered each summer, focuses on the figure and gives students the opportunity to learn painting exercises we teach during our full time program including gesture, open and closed grisaille, color study and the combination of these skills into the opening stages of a painting. Lea Wight coordinates this workshop and clearly articulates the following concepts:
"To get the most out of this workshop experience the artist should not expect to master the skills introduced over the period of the workshop but should understand that each one of the skills introduced will take months or years to master. Ideally the artist will come away with their own samples of each skill to use as reference tools. The main principle that guides the painters at Studio Incamminati is to work from macro to micro; from the biggest statement, whether it be in value, gesture or color, to progressively smaller statements. Three important working habits to develop are standing back to see the largest information, scanning to see color relationships and squinting to see value relationships."
Also teaching this workshop are Studio Incamminati instructors Stephen Early, Natalie Italiano, Jafang Lu and Robin Frey.

Day 1- Grisaille Gestures

Students mix the grisaille with burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and a little titanium white. They work on 16 x 20 canvas prepared with a cool grey-blue ground, approximating a mid value. The basic gesture is painted with energy in a few straight lines, using the entire arm, capturing the essential abstract movement of the pose. Simple landmarks are added, such as a directional line across the shoulders. Shadows shapes are blocked in adding mass, and lights are wiped out, correcting shapes. Students are encouraged to emphasize the movement of the pose.

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