Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nelson Shanks Demo at Studio Incamminati Intensive Workshop

The demo begins with a grisaille. This image, taken after the first 20 minutes, shows the beginning of the color block in on the shirt.

Here is the painting after the second break,about 40 minutes. Notice how the model's white shirt shows the effect of the warm, artificial light.

Here is the demo after about 2 hours. Strong color is being developed all aver, and the face is being highly developed.

The audience was able to also see the painting enlarged on a screen to Nelson's left. Nelson isanswering questions from the audience. Student artwork (drawings) from Studio Incamminat are in the center background.

Here is an image from the enlarged screen. Nelson began with very strong color notes in the face. As the painting developed, they did not seem unusually strong, but fit in beautifully. This is always amazing to watch.

Nelson Shank's completed demo of Alexander (last 2 images).


  1. Great to see these steps. I especially like seeing the whites of the shirt as whites are always a challenge.

  2. Its always amazing to me to see the influence of the light on whites, in the case of Nelson's demo, the warm artificial light. We recently visited the Hispanic society in NY to see the Sorolla murals. If you have never seen them, its an amazing experience. The whites in sun light are beautiful. The outdoor light in his paintings is very different from the warm, artificial light of the studio.

    Nelson will be doing another demo this Wednesday night August 25 at Studio incamminati at 6:30, the public is invited ( please contact the studio office in advance). I plan to do a blog with images from the upcoming demo.